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SKU 903 Heavy Duty Washroom Cleaner – Maintainer with fresh fragrance. G3 contains readily biodegradable acids and surfactants formulated to clean, disinfect and deodorise all surfaces in washroom areas. • Heavy duty cleaner and sanitiser • Kills germs odours and mould • Removes rust and calcium build up • Leaves bathrooms sparkling and Fresh DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS G3 - Heavy Duty Washroom Cleaner – Maintainer with fresh fragrance with a fresh fragrance. This product is designed to effectively clean, disinfect and deodorise washrooms, showers floors walls toilet bowls, ceramic urinals and stainless steel sinks. Used as a restoration product which inhibits mould re growth, and is excellent for cleaning Tiles and grout. G3is formulated from organic acids, with added Anti- fungicide and Anti-mildewcide for maximum stain, body fats and soil removal and is also ideal to remove rust, scale and uric acid deposits. ENVIROMENTAL ASPECTS √ GECA approved product √ Biodegradable Surfactants √ Organic acids