Glidex T-Bar & Window Washer

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Glidex T-Bar complete with Washer Sleeve

  • Premium quality double twist yarn
  • Double seam sewn ends
  • Velcro syle fastening tabs
  • Unique Safe-ConnectTM feature for use with Glidex poles

Moulded in nylon 66 and hi-impact ABS polymers, the ergonomically shaped T-bar swivel washer handle is lightweight and tough.

The adjustable swivel head is standard on all Glidex T-bar washers giving them the versatility to work in any situation. Glidex T-Bar Washer sleeves are made from premium quality double twist yarn for maximum absorbency and durability. They have double seam sewn ends for longer life and have convenient Velcro© style fastening tabs for secure attachment and easy removal.